Our mission is to mold a new financial system, built on the ethos of the Internet.

The Internet is open and instant. It doesn’t care for where you were born, where you live or which passport you hold.  On the Internet, you can express ideas, be a creator, trade with anyone, and deliver services across the world.

Sadly, finance is far from this.  Billions of people are part of the Internet economy, but when they move money, they still face all the challenges of legacy banking.

Stablecoins change everything. It’s where finance meets the Internet. Anyone, anywhere can be paid, save, invest and spend instantly. Without a bank.

KAST is building a stablecoin-powered platform, for people everywhere. We’re just getting started.

Welcome to KAST.


You’re gently floating on a rock through dark, infinite, space. Then one day, you chance upon Earth.

First you see the majestic oceans and vast landscapes. Then you get closer, and see mountains, forests, deserts and rivers.  Then closer still, and magical life appears. The purity, the beauty, of our planet.

This is the inspiration of the KAST brand — and our space rocks. The world as you see it from space, free of borders, just one continuous planet.


Founded by finance and stablecoin experts

The KAST team is not new to the business. Our founding group has some of the most experienced people in Stablecoins, Crypto and Finance.